30th April 2014 - Bogus E-Mail contact

After successfully designing and producing the Forester magazine for Epping Forest District Council for over ten years, we have won their recent tender for producing the magazine for the next two or more years.

We are now accepting and booking orders for advertising space within the magazine for your company or business. The next issue of the new look Forester will be the Winter issue, due to be delivered to all businesses and households in the district during December 2012.

Advertising rates will be very similar to how they were at the last issue of the magazine, be sure to book with us for advertising with results.

With 56,000 copies distributed, the Forester is still the largest circulation magazine within the Epping Forest district. If you advertise with us, you WILL be seen!


Change of telephone number

As of August 2012, please note our new phone number is 0845 900 5796.


0845 900 5796



Designing creatively since 1995

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented number of emails and telephone calls into the business because someone has spoofed one of our email addresses from an outside source. None of the SPAM emails are from a valid Rare Blue Media email address, and we are therefore being contacted continuously by recipients worried by the email they have received.

The Forester magazine